Once I knew that the better quality Taq makes a difference, I redid the whole process for all the samples with the Taq and was able to get more data. But two of the primers were still not giving me any data so me and Ratna had to brain storm to figure out what might be wrong. Then she suggested that the problem might be with the DNA that I was using instead. So she told me to dilute some more DNA from the stock solution that I prepared. Using this new DNA, I did PCR and was hoping to get some data. I was happy to see that all the primers worked for all the samples that I did. And with that, I was done with my project. It was such a relief to get everything done in time, I felt accomplished. I know the pictures below don’t look like much but it took a lot.

That week we were going to eat dinner out in LB a lot. After work on Monday, we went to ‘Eat Sumo’ which is a Japanese restaurant to get some sushi and bubble tea.

Tuesday night we went to ‘My Crazy Baboy’, which is a restaurant that serves Korean barbeque. Korean barbeque meat is served raw and you cook it there on you table and eat it with a lettuce wrap. ‘Baboy’ means pig so they had a lot of pork based food. Problem is that I don’t eat pork so I stuck to my noodles, which was still good nonetheless.

Wednesday was saved for boxing. Ayana and I got out selves into one of the hardest work out yet. It was a tough one y’all, especially coming from the hike last weekend. But we stayed strong and got it done!

Thursday, we had the AFSTRI dinner which is a scholar’s monthly dinner. They usually have a specific country as a theme and have a presentation about it. This time, it was USA so Ayana, Zoe and Meghan had to present about the US to the rest of the AFSTRI members. After the dinner was over we went out for drinks with our colleagues.

Friday after work, Tito Mon came to talk to us about our last day in IRRI and what time we should be ready to go to Manila. He also ended up recommending a place for us to eat for that night and dropped us off there. It was a new Korean restaurant that was known for their noodles, so I had some spicy noodles and slept with a smile on my face.

Saturday was scheduled for shopping. We went around the campus to go for the Saturday market. They had some fresh fruits, vegies and food. They also had some clothes and some crafty things to be sold. After that, we went on an hour long Jeepney ride to Calamba city for the nearest mall. We made it right in time for the Lion King movie. After the movie, we did some serious shopping ad got most of the souvenirs for our friends and family. We had a hard time looking for a Jeepney that went back to LB so we had to stand there and wait for a while. We had to split out group into two because most of the jeepneys were almost full by the time it got to us. Eventually, we made it.

Sunday was for self-care. We went to the nearest spa and got a mani-pedi. And had tacos for dinner and then had bubble tea afterwards.

In the new week, I took the next couple days to prepare for my presentation that I would have to give in front of my supervisor and the department.

Later on Monday, we went to Big D’s which is a famous ramen place, so more spicy noodles for me!!!

Tuesday night, we went to this fancy restaurant called Faustina’s. After dinner, we went around the city and got some drinks and called it a night.

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Selam! My name is Dilyetna Tekeste Gebru trying to capture my two months in the Philippines. Hope you like it

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